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Alex Mendoza y sus Poetas del Ritmo - Cumbealo!

by Names You Can Trust

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Artist: Alex Mendoza y sus Poetas del Ritmo
Title: ¡Cumbéalo!
Format: 7"
Speed: 45 RPM

Led by drummer / multi-instrumentalist Max Weissenfeldt (The Whitefield Brothers, The Poets Of Rhythm, The Polyversal Souls) and Peruvian guitarist Alex Mendoza, this new studio ensemble takes it’s cues from Max’s experience under several different band variations that have explored Late-60’s Funk & Soul, West African Rhythms, Ethiopian Grooves and now, for the first time on record, Afro-Peruvian Cumbia. Alex Mendoza’s quintessentially Peruvian style psychedelic guitar licks lay a sabor never heard before onto Max's typically raw and funky percussion style. It’s another notch in an increasingly diversified portfolio for Max.

A1 : ¡Cumbéalo!
B1 : Bu-Ga-Luz