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Frankie Jones / Midnight Riders - Showdown Vol. 9

by DKR

$15.00 / Sold Out

Artist: Frankie Jones / Midnight Riders
Title: Showdown Vol. 9
Format: LP
Speed: 33 RPM

Channel One showcase resurrected from the depths by DKR. Classic mid-80s production by George Nicholson out of the legendary Channel One Recording Studio on Maxfield Ave. Tuff tunes to locate and a couple of unreleased pieces at that. Killer sides from both Frankie & Midnight Riders. Top Top!

A1 : Frankie Jones - Same Song
A2 : Frankie Jones - Down In The Ghetto
A3 : Frankie Jones - Your Love
A4 : Frankie Jones - Do Bucky Master
A5 : Frankie Jones & Michael Prophet - Gone Farming

B1 : Midnight Riders - Illegal Gun
B2 : Midnight Riders - Living In Hell
B3 : Midnight Riders - Poor People Dance
B4 : Midnight Riders - Brand New Second Hand
B5 : Midnight Riders - Youthman Invasion