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Los Terrificos - Go South (Vaya Pa'l Sur) 2LP

by Peace & Rhythm


Artist: Los Terrificos
Title: Go South (Vaya Pa'l Sur)
Format: 2LP
Speed: 45 RPM

Super new long-player from Los Terrificos on the Peace & Rhythm imprint. A cohesive trip on modern tropical influences, leaning on the succulent psychedelics of south american stylized electric guitars and fuzzed out keyboards, but with a decidedly funky and beat-driven approach. It's the right dose of modern electrico and sonidero soundscapes to maintain a steady groove throughout. Not to be overlooked, the 45RPM pressing of the LP, for all your inevitable rebejada needs in the dance. Impressive gatefold package with extensive artwork and liner notes.

A1 : Todas pa'l norte
A2 : Muerte en la galera
A3 : Viva la robolucíon

B1 : Cachas de oro
B2 : El camino azul
B3 : Entre nous
B4 : Salsipuedes

C1 : ¡A correr!
C2 : La pantera
C3 : Aqui ya no hay ley
C4 : La mordida

D1 : Ajuste de cuentas
D2 : La tumba, el cura y la mariposa
D3 : Polvo plomo poder