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MAKU Soundsystem - The Mix

by Peace & Rhythm

$15.00 / Sold Out

Artist: MAKU Soundsystem
Title: The Mix
Format: 12" EP
Speed: 33 RPM

New York's MAKU Soundsystem delivers a tasty little morsel on the Peace & Rhythm imprint, curating a mix of previously recorded and unreleased alt-versions from the collective's recent workings. Aptly titled, this EP is another example of MAKU's far-reaching influences and talented members who can move from cumbia, champeta, rock, dub & beyond - a new kind of hybrid that make up this generation of live Afro-Caribbean music by way of the 5 boros. All copies currently on hand of the olive green variety.

A1 : La Mezcla
A2 : Corre Que Corre
A3 : La Haitiana (Folk Version)
A4 : Atentos

B1 : La Mezcla (Prince of Queens DUB)
B2 : Palo
B3 : Esclavo Moderno