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Melaza LP

by Chulo Records

$15.00 / Sold Out

Artist: Melaza
Title: Melaza
Format: LP
Speed: 33 RPM

More goodness from Chulo Records with the debut Melaza long-player. Featuring some of the same members of their sister group Los Hacheros, and like-wise recorded equally nice at Dunham Studios in Brooklyn, this LP is another welcome dose of that bonafide classic NY! The fact that this is going on now makes it extra nice. Classic flavor Today.

A1 : Mal Amigo
A2 : Estas a Tiempo
A3 : El Fregabook
A4 : En El Pasado Quedara

B1 : De Nueva York
B2 : Ausador
B3 : Inesperado Adios
B4 : Suegros
B5 : El Niche