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Minyo Crusaders - Kushimoto Bushi

by Mundoismo

$12.00 / Sold Out

Artist: Minyo Crusaders
Title: Kushimoto Bushi
Format: 7"
Speed: 45 RPM

Exclusive! Direct from Japan! One of the most interesting and intriguing records we've heard in quite some time. Southern Japanese folks music paired over an ill cumbia rhythm. That's right, traditional Japanese con Cumbia with a very slight touch of modern synthesized goodness in the intro for spice. Wild and fresh, and presented on this record are two unique vocals versions of the same track featuring male and female versions respectively on the A/B.

A1 : Kushimoto Bushi (Vocals by Fred)
B1 : Kushimoto Bushi (Vocals by Aji & Shusuke Yano)