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Ola Fresca - Elixir LP

by Peace & Rhythm

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Artist: Ola Fresca
Title: Elixir
Format: LP
Speed: 33 RPM

Ola Fresca's 3rd studio album, released in conjunction with Peace & Rhythm and Pipiki Records. A true classic blend of styles bridging son, rumba and salsa from Brooklyn-based band leader, composer and vocalist Jose Conde. Pressed to 180 gram vinyl, extensive liner notes.

A1 : Elixir
A2 : La Mano Del Rumbero
A3 : Bandera
A4 : Bizcocho

B1 : El Nino De La Clave
B2 : Pollitos De Primavera
B3 : Convivencia
B4 : Mulata