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Orquesta El Macabeo - El Entierro LP

by Peace & Rhythm

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Artist: Orquesta El Macabeo
Title: El Entierro
Format: LP
Speed: 33 RPM

Debut album from Puerto Rico's Orquesta El Macabeo. Originally recorded in 2010, finally on vinyl for the first time from Peace & Rhythm and friends. Some of the nicest 'new' salsa to come out. Salsa Dura with at times, a bit of a hardcore edge that turns funky and nasty.

A1 : El Sueño
A2 : Alacrán
A3 : Fulana
A4 : La Dieta

B1 : Músico
B2 : Cuto Medina
B3 : La Conga
B4 : Cogiendo Pon