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Potatohead People - Big Luxury LP

by Bastard Jazz


Artist: Potatohead People
Title: Big Luxury
Format: LP
Speed: 33 RPM

Vancouver/Montreal production duo Potatohead People drop their debut LP on Bastard Jazz. Big luxury, big production, big beats, big nice. The whole LP a welcome & warm embrace of classic material - - featuring a helping of boom-bap, rhymes, dimes and future instrumentals. Big plus.

A1 : Intro
A2 : Blue Charms
A3 : Explosives ft. Illa J & Moka Only
A4 : Messenger ft. Sorceress & Mosaic
A5 : Palmreader

B1 : Snapbox
B2 : Luxury ft. Moka Only
B3 : Luv Ya ft. Amalia
B4 : Broke The Pen ft. Mosaic
B5 : Seeds ft. Illa J
B6 : Mellowtune