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Quitapenas - Quitapenas LP

by Quitapenas

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Artist: Quitapenas
Title: Quitapenas
Format: LP
Speed: 33 RPM

Debut record from Southern Cali's Quitapenas. Beautiful combination of Afro-Colombian roots. Leaning heavily on the influences of the Caribbean coast and West African styles that were so prominent in the classic sounds that shaped the music of that coastal region. Here, there's a new rawness, a welcome under-produced and electrified fuzz that has seeped into the vast mix of sunny California with the transcendent sounds of 60s & 70s garage and tropicalia from Peru to Angola. Limited Edition. Self-Released.

A1 : Valle Moreno
A2 : Justicia
A3 : Guayabo
A4 : Me Llevaba

B1 : Os Quitapenas
B2 : Campesino
B3 : Papaya
B4 : Vamos A Mi Casa