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Music With Soul

♫ > A1 : Moerarie Morei Atjara (Version)♫ > B1 : Moerarie Morei Atjara (Instru-mental)Next up from Alex Figueira's Music With Soul imprint, super bananas version of a completely unknown high-powered piece of indo-atlantic-acordeon magic. Flipped with all the sabor and skill we've come to expe..
Alex Figueira - Platanito Alex Figueira - Platanito
♫ > A1 : Platanito♫ > B1 : GuacucoIt's no secret we've been big fans of Alex Figueira's work coming out of Amsterdam and his Barracaõ Sound Studio. Behind great projects like Fumaça Preta & Conjunto Papa Upa, as well as work with Lola's Dice and a forthcoming project on Names You Can Trus..
♫ > A1 : Quando Será♫ > B1 : Quando Séra (Flute Version)Latest release in the excellent line of music from Music With Soul & Alex Figueira's (Conjunto Papa Upa) Barracão Sound Studios in Amsterdam. Exclusive US stock, including a few of the limited edition (100) color vinyl versions & ..
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