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Discos Pistolas y Saguaros

Almas Fronterizas - El Reventon Almas Fronterizas - El Reventon
♫ > A1 : Malo♫ > B1 : ReventonDeep, dark, outsider music here from the Bay Area's Almas Fronterizas & the Discos Pistolas y Sagueros imprint. Fuzzed out blend of rock & soul, that quintessential ingredient of Northern Cali music from decades past. Imagine a stripped down Santana set a..
Almas Fronterizas - Rosa Tropical Almas Fronterizas - Rosa Tropical
♫ > A1 : Rosa Tropical♫ > A2 : El Barrio♫ > B1 : Primavera Negra♫ > B2 : Crema DulceMore goodness from the Bay Area's Almas Fronterizas with that lovely sound we dug so much on their previous 7-inch. - - raw soul mixed with a twist of California Latino roots & psyche...unique sound..
♫ > A1 : Alé Alé♫ > B1 : InstrumentalWe've been big fans of Gilberto Rodriguez and his projects, Almas Fronterizas and Los Intocables here at IG. His latest realease on his own imprint Discos Pistolas y Saguaros is more of what we've been digging. Fusing a blend of Latin Chicano Rock & Sou..
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