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♫ > A1. Recordaçāo♫ > A2. Junçāo Estāo♫ > A3. Busca♫ > A4. Onde Eles Estāo♫ > A5. Um Olhar Dentro De Vocé♫ > A6. Dança Das Cadeiras♫ > A7. Bebidas Frias, Noites Quentes♫ > A8. Interlúdio♫ > B1. Milho Frio Da Rachadura De Pedra♫ > B2. Danca Em Circulo♫ > B3. Fora Das ..
♫ > A1. La Guerra♫ > A2. Buster Goes West♫ > A3. Great Booga Looga♫ > A4. The Ballad of Esmeralda♫ > A5. Peal♫ > A6. Guacharaca Moo♫ > B1. Three Gringos♫ > B2. Broken Flowers♫ > B3. Mr. Picou's Last Trip♫ > B4. Twenty Four♫ > B5. A Great Big Stone WallDebut long-play..
♫ > A1 : Baharulogia♫ > B1 : Baharulogia (Solo Moderna Mix)Colombia's veteran Champeta champions Tribu Baharú return on 45, this time with an Electric Cowbell produced recording from their recent visit through Washington, DC.  Smoking soukous-inspired instrumental mixed at NYCT HQ with th..
♫ > A1 : Woooo♫ > B1 : ZoroElectric Cowbell taps into not only one of the world's great capitals, but also one of the great musical cities and international melting pots, Tokyo! The debut release from of Tropique is a mind-bending mix of styles, a hot pot of global curiosities. It's a wild and..
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