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Abelardo Carbono y su Grupo - La Piña Madura (feat. Quantic)

Abelardo Carbono y su Grupo - La Piña Madura (feat. Quantic)

♫ > A1 : La Piña Madura Pt. 1
♫ > B1 : La Piña Madura Pt. 2

A native of the Caribbean coast of Colombia, Abelardo Carbono achieved legendary status in his country's storied ranks of musical icons by combining the homegrown sounds of cumbia with the chiming guitars of West African soukous, enormously popular with the local tropical sound systems, and drenching the whole thing in his off-kilter, surreal and slightly psychedelic sensibility.

With the exception of a well-received compilation of songs from his 1980s heyday, Carbono has been rarely heard from outside the sweaty dancehalls he still commands in his hometown of Barranquilla. Now, Names You Can Trust has welcomed the reclusive guitarist and singer back to the vinyl format with a simmering Afro-Carib beast of a cut, recorded with the assistance of Will “Quantic” Holland on rhythm guitar and Mario Galeano [Frente Cumbiero, Ondatropica] on keys and in conjunction with Lucas SIlva of Palenque Records & Polen Records. It’s a true cross-generational and international collaboration that is uniquely possible via Colombia. The first release of this expansive & power packed studio session is a cover of vallenato pioneer Guillermo Buitrago’s La Piña Madura. This updated take veers heavily towards Africa on a rock solid foundation of bass and drums, with Abelardo's trademark guitar and quirky vocals leading the way.