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Tarquim - A Cuba

Tarquim - A Cuba
Tarquim - A Cuba
Tarquim - A Cuba
Tarquim - A Cuba
Tags: Afro-Latin , Cuba
Tarquim - A Cuba

♫ > A1. Descarga Tarquim
♫ > A2. La Esperanza De Amar
♫ > A3. Son Para Los Muertos
♫ > A4. La Habana y Tú
♫ > B1. Negrón Tiene Swing
♫ > B2. Abajo los muros
♫ > B3. Mercado de San Rafael
♫ > B4. Cayo Hueso

**US Exclusive Distribution

Amazing and beautiful Afro-Cuban roots here recorded in Barcelona and presented by our big friends in Catalunya, the excellent Say It Loud collective. Just a killer & traditional room recording, piano, percussion, heavy on the descarga & son vibes, with both an equal amount of dance tunes and quiet moments alike. Quite a stunner of an album and most deserving to get some love here on this side of the ocean. EU Import.

  • Label: Say It Loud
  • Cat No: SILR-007
  • Format: LP
  • Speed: 33 RPM