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Alex Figueira - Platanito

by Music With Soul


Artist: Alex Figueira
Title: Platanito / Guacuco
Format: 7"
Speed: 45 RPM

It's no secret we've been big fans of Alex Figueira's work coming out of Amsterdam and his Barracaõ Sound Studio. Behind great projects like Fumaça Preta & Conjunto Papa Upa, as well as work with Lola's Dice and a forthcoming project on Names You Can Trust, there's plenty of layers to peel away with this man. This little limited edition 45 press on his own Music With Soul imprint is a sick sick slice of Platano Power. A funky caribe kaleidoscope, complete with a touch of island steel drums on the B-side. Import. Exclusive US copies.


A1 : Platanito
B1 : Guacuco