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Basa Basa - Homowo (High Life Music) LP

by Vintage Voudou

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Artist: Basa Basa
Title: Homowo (High Life Music)
Format: LP
Speed: 33 RPM

Mind-blowing Ghanian groove music from 1979. Rare, not only in its findability, but in its sound. A truly unique hybrid of high life, cosmic synth music & funky disco - - possibly at the height of Ghana's most productive and experimental music period. One of those records that begins to make clear the awesome connective tissue of African music, the success of the commercial West, and the corresponding re-integration and balance of it all. Lovingly restored & remastered by the Amsterdam record shop Vintage Voudou, this being their debut release as a label. The amount of research & care that has gone into this project is no small feat. Comes with EXTENSIVE liner notes and fold out 48 x 48 poster of the album cover. Serious! Limited Edition, Import.


A1 : Homowo
A2 : Konya
A3 : Black Light
A4 : African Soul Power

B1 : Together We Win
B2 : Love, Love, Love
B3 : African Soul Power (Instrumental)
B4 : Shey An Kuri