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Bio Ritmo - Puerta Del Sur LP

by Vampi Soul


Artist: Bio Ritmo
Title: Puerta Del Sur
Format: LP
Speed: 33 RPM

Bio Ritmo returns for their 7th studio album, this time on the wonderful Vampi Soul label out of Spain. By now, the massive should know that these guys absolutely tear it up on stage and in the studio. Beautiful album with some stunning and skilled arrangements. Most definitely foundation salsa for the current era. Check Picaresca & Codeina for some scorching examples. German Import.

A1 : Se Les Olvidó
A2 : La Vía
A3 : Picaresca
A4 : Perdido

B1 : Motocilengua
B2 : Pájaro Pío Pío
B3 : Le Dicen Dolor
B4 : Codeína