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Buyepongo - Tumbalo

by Buyepongo


Artist: Buyepongo
Title: Túmbalo
Format: 12" EP
Speed: 33 RPM

One of the leaders of Southern California's burgeoning Tropical live scene, Buyepongo most definitely knows how to throw down at the show and in the studio. This EP is a refreshing take on the vast Afro-Caribbean diaspora, yet thru the multi-disciplinary lens of Los Angeles. There's a touch of Cabo Verde, Colombia & Central America mixed in, but with all these influences, Buyepongo has their own signature. Full support.


A1 : Musica Alegre
A2 : Alivio
A3 : Melodiosa

B1 : Amado
B2 : Sueltan Fuego
B3 : Vageo