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Combo Chimbita - Abya Yala LP

by Figure & Ground

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Artist: Combo Chimbita
Title: Abya Yala
Format: LP
Speed: 33 RPM

Building on the success of their debut EP, Combo Chimbita's first full-length album is a nice little snap shot of the group's sound as it continues to gain notoriety and jaw-dropping witnesses throughout their live shows. There's a punky DIY aesthetic to the group's sound that is transformed by Carolina Oliveras' powerhouse voice box. As they set their trajectory for the further reaches of the stars, we can only imagine how it'll develop from here. Steady rising.


A1 : Dame tu Mano
A2 : No Regreso
A3 : Pachanga
A4 : Cachimba

B1 : Ampáramc
B2 : La Raiz
B3 : Congo
B4 : Luz