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Cumbia Amazonica 2LP

by Hawaii Bonsai


Artist: Various
Title: Cumbia Amazonica
Format: 2LP
Speed: 33 RPM

Swiss label Hawaii Bonsai was behind one of our favorite modern day and experimental cumbia compilations that we had in the shop a few years back called Cumbia Libertad. Like its predecessor, Cumbia Amazonica features a double vinyl release of far out, sometimes minimal, sometimes heavy bass'd out bliss from a huge list of emerging artists all over South America & Europe. Definitely not your average cookie cutter productions and this is exactly why this is another stellar comp. Check the soundclips for an idea of the range and that new new. Import.


A1 : Dead Star - La Cumbia Broken Record
A4 : Dengue Dengue Dengue & Los Reyes De La Milanga - Bacilah Coqueta

B3 : El Milagra Verde - Charangos
B5 : Sidirum - Intercambia

C1 : Coconutah 0 Welcome To The Jungle VIP
C5 : Qechuaboi - La Danza Del Cuy

D4 : Rocky Marsiano - O Rei
D5 : Streamer feat. CJ Croquet - El plato de frijoles refritos