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Cumbia River Band - Rio LP

by Chia Records


Artist: Cumbia River Band
Title: Rio
Format: LP
Speed: 33 RPM

Limited Edition private press from New York based collective, Cumbia River Band. Led by Colombian musician Martin Vejarano, who has been an important cog in the live music scenes of Brooklyn & Queens especially, he has played and jammed with an untold amount of groups and artists exploring the traditional sounds of the Colombian diaspora. This band is rooted in that same tradition. Led by the left and right fist of cumbia, acordeón and clarinete, this recording is more pristine folk than experimental acid-trip. You won't find any bugged out oscillations or psicodelic wailings, but therein lies its understated manifesto.

A1 : Pantera
A2 : Aguabajo
A3 : En La Mar (Soledad)
A4 : Gozar La Vida

B1 : Cumbia Coqueta
B2 : Canoa Ranchá
B3 : Rio
B4 : Danza En Tono Menor
B5 : Rompehielor
B6 : Cumbia Alegre