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De Evergreens - Es Lilin / Les Jaguars de Casablanca - Gonzales

by Radio Martiko


Artist: VA
Title: Es Lilin b/w Gonzales
Format: 7-inch
Speed: 45 RPM

Radio Martiko has quickly been establishing themselves as serious purveyors of a very deep and particularly eclectic mix of vintage global, psicodelica & afro-latin selections. There's a particular flare and stlye over their first 7 singles and handful of long-play reissues (spanning Morocco, Indonesia, Egypt, Greece, Colombia & more) that highlight a real exquisite taste for this beloved and deep sound -- a playful mix of exotica, popcorn & original afro-latin & middle eastern grooves. Their latest 3 releases on the preferred format have landed here, and without further explanation even necessary, let's just say these are all *can't-miss-don't-miss* additions for your dance floor destruction box. EU Import.

A1 : De Evergreens - Es Lilin
B1 : Los Jaguar's de Casablanca - Gonzales