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Dilemastronauta y La Tripulacion Cosmica - En Orbita LP

by Peace & Rhythm


Artist: Dilemastronauta y La Tripulacion Cosmica
Title: En Orbita
Format: LP
Speed: 33 RPM

The next entry in the Nueva York-Colombia connection of MAKU - Combo Chimbita - La Nación - Bulla En El Barrio...and now Dilemastronauta...from constant drummer and percussionist in all these groups, Andres Jimenez. Think of this debut LP as the Billy Cobham "Total Eclipse" entry of the scene. Still steeped in the roots of Afro-Colombian rhythms and folkloric traditions, this group has a decidedly fusion take on it, as they round out the ensemble with synthesizers, clarinet and tenor sax. It's a crew of uber talented musicians versed in experimental and jazz music, so there's a new combination of sounds and creative play here in the solos and improvisation. We have the limited edition yellow vinyl version on hand from Peace & Rhythm.


A1 : Saludo
A2 : El Cohete
A3 : ¡Ay China!
A4 : Llora
A5 : Paseando Por La Galaxia

B1 : La Cumbia Del Astronauta
B2 : En Tren Pa' Necoclí
B3 : Sin Documento
B4 : Mr. Poof