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Dos Santos - Logos (Double 7-inch Pack)

by International Anthem , Royal Hands , and Sonorama Discos ,

$20.00 / Sold Out

Artist: Dos Santos
Title: Logos
Format: 7" x 2
Speed: 45 RPM

Chicago's Dos Santos has been around on this site for a little bit now, featuring 45s on Sonorama & Electric Cowbell over the last few years. Their latest effort, recorded for Chicago's International Anthem label, and in conjuction with Sonorama & Royal Hands, is a lovely evolution of the group's sound. There's an extra step ahead in these 4 tracks (perhaps a hint of osmosis from modern day Chicago avant-garde bliss). Whatever the case, if it's a sign of what's to come, we're in for some more lovely music. Sold here as a double-pack purchase only. Limited Edition 2 x 7" set featuring 4 tunes across 4-sides.


A1 : Logos
B1 : ¿cómo?

C1 : Manos Ajenas (Touch You Every Day)
D1 : How Far Are We From Here?