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Dub Bastards - 一番星ブルース

by Discos El Shuffle


Artist: Dub Bastards
Title: 一番星ブルース
Format: 7"
Speed: 45 RPM

Exclusive! Direct from Japan! Another killer / off-kilter cumbia reimagining of a Japanese classic style. This time around, cumbia-punk outfit Dub Bastards take on the famous opening theme song 一番星ブルース (Ichiban Star Blues) as originally recorded by the Downtown Boogie Woogie Band circa 1975 for the classic Japanese B-movie trucker flick, Torakku Yarou(!) Yeah, you read that right. An automatic just for its uniqueness alone, but the A-Side certainly holds its own as funky live piece of hybrid cumbia. B-Side a more adventurous exploration into a Japanese cabaret classic.

A1 : 一番星ブルース
B1 : ラストダンスは私に