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Ghetto Kumbe - Soy Selva

by Galletas Calientes


Artist: Ghetto Kumbê
Title: Soy Selva
Format: 12-inch
Speed: 33 RPM

One of the most progressive and outstanding groups pushing the boundries of Afro-Caribbean futuristic music is Colombia's Ghetto Kumbé. This is high octane fire that could stand up to any club night of the highest order, and it's completely rooted in their unique live performances. There's only a handful of groups that can finesse this kind of blend and still keep it fresh....check Makrú for sure! Top dance music! EU Import.


A1 : Waré Warrior
A2 : Makrú

B1 : Dagbani Dance f/Zongo Abongo
B2 : Eso No Me Falla
B3 : Dagbani Instrumental