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Grupo Magnetico - Vampiras

by Athens Of The North

$15.00 / Sold Out

Artist: Grupo Magnetico
Title: Vampiros
Format: 7"
Speed: 45 RPM

Fantastic new recording out of the Athens Of The North camp. Renown mostly for their superb selections in an ongoing & very expansive disco-funk-soul reissue series, this on the other hand is a 'modern' yet faithful tribute to 70's era boogaloo-salsa-guaguanco (complete with the Fania gold label interpretation). Lovingly recorded & mixed with an excellent performance by Grupo Magnético, The A-Side recalls sweetly the classic charanga / cha cha / boogaloo era, but takes a back seat to the top top guaguanco, Hermanos Latinos. This is a certified heater and worth the price of admission. Import.

A1 : Vampiras
B1 : Hermanos Latinos