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ÌFÉ - 3 Mujeres

by Discos IFA

$10.00 / Sold Out

Artist: ÌFÉ
Title: 3 Mujeres
Format: 10"
Speed: 33 RPM


This new release from ÌFÉ and founder Otura Mun is absolutely raw & on fire. A perfect slice of modern day roots music out of Puerto Rico. As you'll hear on the A-Side 'Album Version' of 3 Mujeres, it's a sinister touch of future without going some place completely different or too far, it's grimey both in a roots and a future steeze with it's combination of Afro-Cuban percussion and it's top layer of simple synthesized chords and filtered twists. You didn't know you wanted it, then you can't get enough. B-Side 'Raw Version' is the perfect companion, as the percussion and vocals are left untouched. White Vinyl.


A1 : 3 Mujeeres (Album Version)
B1 : 3 Mujeres (Raw Version)