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by Discos IFA

$23.00 / Sold Out

Artist: ÌFÉ
Format: 2LP
Speed: 33 RPM

The debut album from San Juan-based ÌFÉ, IIII+IIII (pronounced Edgy-Og-Beh) has finally arrived on vinyl. Their debut 10" single 3 Mujeres was one of our favorite pick ups and flew out of the store when it was released a few years back (FYI, original copies of that 10" is BACK IN STOCK here). There's so much going on in this album, it's definitely a trip and deserves some proper listening time. A base of Afro-Rican roots and Yoruba traditional rhythms are the backbone, but everything else about this record is super far out including its sneaky little Winwood ode:) It's modern, electronically influenced, but also classic...a certain meditative muse about the whole piece recalls the most obscure & musically celebrated 'new age' records of the 70s & 80s...which is certainly high praise from a record perspective, but borrowing a term that is far too loaded to do any justice to the dope voices and complex influences present on this project. In any case, it's a plus plus and highly recommended by any description! Fresh gatefold package, pressed to white vinyl, includes an 11x17 foldout autographed-poster.


A1 : Preludio (Ejiogbe)
A2 : Bangah (Pico y Palo)
A3 : Yumavision
A4 : Umbo (Come Down)

B1 : House Of Love (Ogbe Yekun)
B2 : 3 Mujeres (Iború Iboya Ibosheshé)

C1 : Prayer For Oduduwa (Para Merceditas)
C2 : Higher Lovee
C3 : Yari Gemmini (Beyi La)

D1 : Umbo (Come Down) Humbug Riddim Remix
D2 : Umbo (Come Down) FDZ Remix
D3 : House Of Love (Ogbe Yekun) Nühn Remix