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Insolito Universo - Vuelve

by Olindo Records


Artist: Insolito Universo
Title: Vuelve
Format: 7"
Speed: 45 RPM

2nd in a series of 45s from Colectivo Futuro's Olindo Records imprint featuring Venezuelan artists who are recording / performing in Europe. Paris-based Insólito Universo picks up on some folkloric traditions in Venezuela, namely "joropo" & "malagueña" and infuses them with a more psychedelic and cross-cultural palette of sounds and instruments. The A-side here is a stand-out groover, a really interesting mix of styles that shines as a beautiful organ vocal track...a cosmic blend of beautiful avant-garde pop and folklorico. Import.


A1 : Vuelve
B1 : Décima