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La Boa - Volumen LP

by Mambo Negro Records


Artist: La Boa
Title: Volumen
Format: LP
Speed: 33 RPM

***EXCLUSIVE. Upfront limited version of La Boa's new long-player on vinyl. Recorded in Bogotá, the band's latest effort is a 7-track stunner featuring previous big tune Giumbele with Nidia Gongora, but also a concise selection of standout tunes that have been in the band's repertoire for the last year plus as they've made their way through numerous shows in Colombia & Mexico. Excellent example of the new migrated & adapted sound of Afrobeat through the lens of an Afro-Latino Orquesta in Colombia.


A1 : Pájara
A2 : Tony Allen (No Compro)
A3 : Tambora
A4 : Que Me Mate El Mar (feat. Nelda Pina)

B1 : Ahi Na' Ma'
B2 : Giumbele (feat. Nidia Gongora)
B3 : Camaleón