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La Mecanica Popular - Noche Triler

by Names You Can Trust

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Artist: La Mecánica Popular
Title: Noche Triler
Format: 7"
Speed: 45 RPM

La Mecánica Popular takes to the night for a much anticipated follow-up recording to their critically acclaimed self-titled album. This special edition single features the natural modification of their signature psychedelic style – a time capsule of 1970s Afro-Peruvian roots gone American Rock & Soul. Noche Triler (Thriller) takes the form of an uptempo instrumental stunner, a unique combination of styles from guaracha and cumbion, and a refreshingly thrilling dance on MJ’s iconic masterpiece. Already a staple in the band’s live performances, Móntame En La Tormenta (Riders On The Storm) transforms The Doors’ brillant cowboy-jazz inspired road saga into an Amazonian cumbia-dub, a beautifully dark trip into the heart of la selva.

A1 : Noche Triler
B1 : Móntame en la Tormenta