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Los Pirañas - La Diversion Que Hacia Falta En Mi Pais

by Discos Ama


Artist: Los Pirañas
Title: La Diversion Que Hacia Flata En Mi Pais
Format: 7" EP
Speed: 45 RPM

¡Exclusive! Los Pirañas is back for their much anticipated new vinyl record. Puro punk rock experimental madness in a tropical roots bouillabaisse . One of the more unique bands out there in the modern tropical scene, and as the title suggest, a missing piece of fun in the current Colombian landscape. A stripped down 3-piece unit featuring the best of the thriving Bogotá scene: Eblis Alvarez (Meridian Brothers), Mario Galeano (Frente Cumbiero) & Pedro Ojeda (Romperayo).

A1 : La Olfateadoras
A2 : Dragones Chinos

B1 : La Diverión Que Hacía En Mi País
B2 : Sir De Gusano