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Los Pirañas - La Diversion Que Hacia Falta En Mi Pais LP

by Staubgold


Artist: Los Pirañas
Title: La Diversion Que Hacia Falta En Mi Pais
Format: LP
Speed: 33 RPM

Following up on their self-released 4-track EP of the same name from 2015, Los Pirañas expand the release format with German imprint Staubgold, this time including 6 additional songs that were recorded in one take from that very same session. More mind-bending wizardry from the acclaimed trio of Bogotá, Colombia - fusing a punk aesthetic with the roots of their native Colombia. It's a sound like no other! Imported.

A1 : Delincuencia precoz
A2 : Del sol, a 18 minutos
A3 : Las olfateadoras
A4 : Guabina aguachiquera
A5 : Sir de gusano

B1 : Mis animalitos: Homenaje a los mayas
B2 : El colibri bajo perfil
B3 : La diversion que hacia falta en mi pais
B4 : Dragones chinos
B5 : Como me calmo yo