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Los Propios Bateros - Batazo Batero

by Names You Can Trust


Artist: Los Propios Bateros
Title: Batazo Batero
Format: 7"
Speed: 45 RPM

Los Propios Bateros began as a quest to discover a common Colombian rhythmic-percussive pattern that connects with music from all over the Americas. Speared on by a prolific drummer & percussionist himself, Pedro Ojeda (Romperayo, Los Pirañas, Ondatropica) has been researching the popular rhythms and styles on Colombian record treasures of the 1950s, 60s & 70s that have, outside of the burgeoning new generation of collectors, mostly been poorly preserved and ignored by the general public. Through this quest, Ojeda has embarked on a feature length documentary produced in tandem with Estudio Elgozo, shining light on many of the Colombian drum masters that are still alive, including Guillermo Navas, Plinio Córdoba, Germán Chavarriaga, Wilson Viveros and Juancho Cuao among many others. The production of the documentary has led to the most fabulous of recordings, here presented by Names You Can Trust, and featuring the great Guillermo Navas & Germán Chavarriaga, as well as Ojeda himself and an all-star cast of younger generation musicians in Bogotá. The two studio sessions are master classes in Colombian descarga & pompo. The loose and improvised jams have a seductive, seasoned groove and flavor that is unmistakably Colombian, and inherently timeless.

A1 : Batazo Batero
B1 : Bolillo, Baqueta y Tombo