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Malphino - Visit Malphino LP

by Lex Records

$20.00 / Sold Out

Artist: Malphino
Title: Visit Malphino
Format: LP
Speed: 33 RPM

Names You Can Trust alumni Malphino deliver their magnum opus spiritual travel guide through the mythic island of...Malphino! Previous visitors to the island's soundscapes will remember the bonafide yet quirky and original cumbia grooves led by the vintage sounds of classic acccordion and farfisa. The muilt-national band members out of London draw inspiration from the very vast Latin-American regions of tropical cumbia, but still find an unique twist that is all their own. This is a beautifully constructed album from beginning to end, a world builder in the literal sense for Malphino, and this is your map to the many nooks of the island's inspiration. Top top. EU Import.


A1. Through The Arch
A2. Molienda
A3. Looking for Kiwanos
A4. Interludio - The Caves of Magdalena
A5. The Sleep Tree
A6. Kemu Kemu
A7. Maglalang Avenue
A8. Interludio - Beach of Los Coquitos
A9. Mi Malphino ‘82

B1. Ototoa
B2. Interludio - Puerto Flamingo
B3. Viento del Mañana
B4. Interludio - Lluvia de Verde
B5. Segunda Molienda
B6. Impian Ku
B7. Mono Borracho
B8. La Bella Isla