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Medline - Old Souls Carnival LP

by My Bags


Artist: Medline
Title: Old Souls Carnival
Format: LP
Speed: 33 RPM

Just in, exclusive issue from multi-player Medline (aka Aillacara 2743), a perennial musical shapeshifter and styler….anti-beat arrangements from the sudamerica Andes to the French countryside, across the Mediterrean, back through the east and diced with a certain western free form stylee. Certainly a must listen, a must reckon with. Presented on long-player format, imported.

A1 : Old Souls Carnival
A2 : Crescent Moon
A3 : Flying Dervishes
A4 : Dreams & NIghtmares

B1 : Wild Sour feat. Stainless Stelle
B2 : When Truth Blasts
B3 : Power To The People
B4 : Realm Of Barbelo