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Michael Boothman & Family Tree - Tabu

by Cree Records


Artist: Michael Boothman & Family Tree
Title: Tabu (feat. Andre Tanker)
Format: 7"
Speed: 45 RPM

Seriously mind-blowing piece of deep deep 70s funky afro-calypso-roots from the renown Trini artist Michael Boothman. Here, accompanied by his brother David & the equally powerful musician Andre Tanker (making up the Family Tree). These were the lone two songs the group ever put down on record, and this version of the Cubano masterpiece Tabu (made famous in Trinidad by Cyril Diaz) is, well....turned up to ten on the dial and resurrected with a fierce & funky flute that separates itself from its predeccesor. B-Side nasty too. Top top top. Immaculate 7-inch reissue, thick jacket and insert sleeve with liner notes. Imported.


A1 : Tabu
B1 : So Dey Say