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Nemegata - Óyelo

by Casa Del Indio


Artist: Nemegata
Title: Óyelo
Format: 7"
Speed: 45 RPM

Debut recording and release from Nemegata, a project led by Bulla en el Barrio member El Guámbito aka Victor-Andres Cruz, who has also appeared in countless live shows as a percussionist and a few studio recordings in the community circle of NY / TX / Colombia musicians. This particular trio, featuring the Casa Del Indio family (Dilemastronauta, Nino Lento) is a lovely, experimental 4-track recording that builds upon the essence of foundational cumbia, bullerengue and other Afro-Colombian traditions with a heady dose of drums, synths and electric guitar...it's goes out - but doesn't stray too far from the organic roots of performance. Small press with hand-assembled and embellished gold foil and paint.


A1 : Óyelo
B1 : Si Landero Fuera A Marte