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Prince of Queens - Merecutek

by Names You Can Trust


Artist: Prince of Queens
Title: Merecutek
Format: 12" Maxi
Speed: 33 RPM

Hailing from a futuristic landscape where gravel, glass and steel rub up against tropical traditions passed down to street-savvy Third Culture kids, Prince Of Queens has made it his mission to synthesize NYC’s trans-caribbean culture clash and turn it into something entirely unique: deep techno improbably sprouted from tropic disco; demented cumbia and merengue as imagined by a clever, glitchy robot; a nod to Detroit from a Colombian immigrant’s point of view. Merecutek collects five new cuts cooked up by POQ in his Casa Del Indio studio, a dank den of blinking analog filters, resonators and sequencers that also happens to be the creative space of one Felipe Quiroz, widely known as the multi-instrumentalist holding down the low-end for Combo Chimbita, and who is whispered to have a strong resemblance to the Prince Of Queens himself. Mastered at London’s legendary Carvery for massive bottom and crisp highs, this new maxi single from Names You Can Trust is positioned to turn out adventurous dancefloors and soundtrack urban headphone walkabouts. Tropical Past and Future is here now, if can you glimpse it in the shadows of Queens.


A1 : Se Va Se Va
A2 : Merecutek
A3 : Cumbia Por Las Sombras (f/Hellatones & Sonidera Blues)

B1 : Tropical Past and Future
B2 : Tecosita