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Real Thing (Japanese Cumbia Band) - Cumbia Descarga

by Cumbia Shoten

$15.00 / Sold Out

Artist: Real Thing
Title: Cumbia Descarga
Format: 7"
Speed: 45 RPM

***US EXCLUSIVE!!! Another fantastic new record from our friends in Japan, whose record market as a whole, has really begun to re-invigorate the age-old musical connection between the far east & latin america over the last several years. More live bands, more recordings and of course more records have been coming out and going in....many of these releases direct from the Japanese underground have rarely had a chance to be exported out of the country, so this is a treat to have some copies of these debut from Real Thing on the Cumbia Shōten imprint in stock - - and the record itself is a wonderful cross-pollination of live dancehall, cumbia & descarga...certainly an automatic staple in your record box and another unearthed discovery for your collection. Japan import.


A1 : Cumbia Descarga
B1 : Ragga Cumbia