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Sweet As Broken Dates - Lost Somali Tapes From The Horn Of Africa 2LP

by Ostinato Records


Artist: Various
Title: Sweet As Broken Dates
Format: 2LP
Speed: 33 RPM

Incredibly ambitious and monumental project from Ostinato Records undertaking a huge archival of lost tapes and recordings from Somali. The discovery here is breathtaking, raw and right on point. Crushingly deep, soulful & funky music that is a real education on how deep the musical influences and output was in this country. On the surface, this is amazing music that nobody has ever heard. But a peek into the package and you realize this is not for the faint of heart, it's a serious musicological plunge into the history of Somali and its artists, complete with a 12-page booklet of EXTENSIVE liner notes and photos. Worth every penny and moment of your time and most certainly highly recommended!! Import.